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    Friday, April 23rd, 2004
    1:07 pm
    Damn Lesbians Get All The Luck

    A mouse is bred from two female eggs, no sperm, in a process known as parthenogenesis, or virgin births.

    This is a good idea, as in humans it could yield another vector for obtaining stem cells, it can lead to another method for cloning (with only a female's genetic material, the offspring is essentially a clone of the mother), and of course it could lead to another form of artificial conception for would-be parents having trouble.

    Unfortunately, no work has been put into sperm, so men are out of luck, and male couples looking for children are still left with either surrogacy or adoption. (Hint to scientists to work with spem more).
    Sunday, April 11th, 2004
    5:31 pm
    Group Consciousness
    I'd like some discussion on this one.

    Have you ever felt cold on your feet, pain in your back, sounds in your ears, sights in your eyes and something at your fingertips? Of course you have. You're aware of all of it, yet you most likely focus on one thing. That focus doesn't remove the sensation necessarily, but you're still working with your hands or watching with your eyes or listening with your ears, etc.

    If all our minds were one, that thing that people call group consciousness or perhaps hive mentality, would it be the same? Would we be aware of what we were doing while focusing on what our neighbors were doing? Would we be able to jump from corporeal body to corporeal body while still being aware of evertyhing every body in the union felt, heard, saw, smelled, etc.?

    There was a lecture I attended on Mozart, and how while composing an opera with multiple voices and different lines simultaneously, he supposedly remarked that all the different voices saying something different most be what God hears. If we could hear everyone's voice, feel everyone's body, see through everyone's eyes, if we had that group consciousness, would that be an ascension to a higher spiritual form?

    Currently, I'm aware of the keyboard, the chilly breeze underneath my table, the monitor in front of my eyes, Ministry's Thieves in my headphones and the spot on my shoulder where I broke skin last night. In the future, will I be aware of your pain? Would that make us God?

    XPosted in om_bodhi
    Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
    9:00 pm

    As a psychology student, it's hard for me to sort this out. Medication is a very real solution to many issues, especially those like bipolar disorder and various forms of schizophrenia that stem from genetic or biochemical causes, but at the same time using psychopharmecology to treat, of all things, fear slaps me as a little overboard.

    The compound used in the study talked about above supposedly targets learned or conditioned fears. So, if you get bit by a dog and then start to fear dogs, take some pills and you'll feel better around pets. Simply put, this is unnecessary as behavioral psychology has done well to curb fears with systematized desensitization and cognitive psychology can make people realise how their fears are irrational and let the poor scared souls sort themselves out.

    There's a serious difference between overcoming obstacles, transcending limitations and looking for a quick fix. Take a pill, because messing with neurotransmitters is fun and all that, and that way you can do with a perscription what people have been doing for themselves since the dawn of self-awareness.

    It's things like this that make me question if people use transhumanist ideals to back hypochondria. I can't wait for this to be marketed, I bet you anything they'll claim that fear is a disease and not a natural emotional response.
    Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
    4:49 pm
    Sorry for the lack of updates
    Busy Busy Busy. Any of you who want to update, feel free to do so. Also, discuss. That's what this community's here for.

    Interesting article linked through BetterHumans about the New Enlightenment period.

    "When I say that we critically need a New Enlightenment, I mean a radical reorientation of the religious-moral outlook that now pervades so much of contemporary society. This involves a cultural reformation, the restructuring of first principles, beliefs, and values." From the author.

    My two cents has it that whereas the first Enlightenment sought to surpass the notions of God(s) by studying Nature and embracing the human organism, our New Enlightenment should seek to surpass the human organism by furthering technology and embracing the abstract.
    Friday, March 26th, 2004
    6:24 am

    Supercomputers that can fit on the head of a pin. I'm ready.

    XPosted in transhumanist
    Thursday, March 18th, 2004
    4:04 pm
    Cellular Life Extension Now Possible?

    Unfortunately, I can only get the abstract to link properly. But, it covers what I want to say fairly well anyhow, so that should not be an issue.

    The previous years of gerontological research has focused not just on the 'big' problems of aging, such as organ failure, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc. but on the cellular issue of what exactly causes aging. This lead to the discovery of telomeres, little strands of biochemicals at the tips of chromosomes that get shorter with each replication. Obviously, turning on genetic codes that lead to the production of telomerase, a compound that keeps the telomeres long through replication, will lead to cellular immortality. The unfortunate side effect of immortal cells that still replicate is cancer. However if current findings in cancer research, such as the EGCG found in green tea, are correct in supposing that cancers can be kept in check by such a prevalent compound as green tea, then immortality of the human organism is right around the corner.

    The TheoryCollapse )
    Thursday, March 11th, 2004
    6:51 pm
    Functional Cybernetics and Living Naturally
    When considering Transhumanism, expanding consciousness, the Tao or any of many disparate theoretical approaches to philosophy or spiritualism the question always emerges: What is human nature? Since the advent of Transhuman thought and the ideals of cybernetics, many people have forgotten that by existing in modern society, we exist in symbiosis with technology. This symbiosis is actually so old and so well formulated that many of us could not imagine life outside of this symbiotic relationship. Alexander Chislenko, in 1995, coined the term 'fiborg' to reveal this relationship and provided the following terms to help people see whether or not they were essentially past the natural limits of the human being already:

    Are you dependent on technology to the extent that you could not survive without it?

    - Would you reject a lifestyle free of any technology even if you could endure it?

    - Would you feel embarrassed and "dehumanized" if somebody removed your artificial covers (clothing) and exposed your natural biological body in public?

    - Do you consider your bank deposits a more important personal resource storage system than your fat deposits?

    - Do you identify yourself and judge other people more by possessions, ability to manipulate tools and positions in the technological and social systems than primary biological features?

    - Do you spend more time thinking about — and discussing — your external "possessions" and "accessories" than your internal "parts"?

    If you answered "yes" to most of these questions, please accept my congratulations (and/or condolences): you are already a cyborg!

    Read more...Collapse )

    However, as we wish to expand our beings, regressing to the natural state may seem counterproductive. I assure you however that it is not. By defining what is human, we can show what is beyond human limits, by living like humans we can appreciate life as transhumans. All of us should be trying, when we wish to expand consciousness or otherwise enhance ourselves, to keep an eye on what is truly human and not what is fiborgism (that is, the current state). This is Natural Transhumanism, at its heart, being aware of what you are trying to surpass.
    Friday, March 5th, 2004
    1:11 pm
    Enhancement and Sports

    The general sum-up of the two links above is that according to a transhumanist supporter, just about the only vector that enhancement may find favor in mainstream society is through athletics and that according to geneticists working on enhancement technology, athletes are already clamoring at the gates to use whatever means possible to become stronger, faster, better.

    Keep It Simple, StupidCollapse )
    Monday, March 1st, 2004
    3:20 pm
    Point Origin
    This is the beginning of the Natural Transhuman community. Feel free to join.

    The purpose of this community journal is to have an open and informative discussion not just of various technologies and how they may enhance human existance, but what marks human existance, what marks transhuman or posthuman existance and more importantly perhaps, how these limits can be overcome with a minimal amount of technological impact. Given the state of transhumanism as currently conceived, that may seem contradictory, but in truth it is an efficiency issue. Bioengineering can get expensive after all.

    Topics of discussion should include:
    - Expanding consciousness
    - Increasing cognitive abilities such as memory
    - Enhancing physical abilities such as muscular power
    - Melding the physical with the technological
    - Using natural methods (i.e. Mendellian genetics) instead of technological engineering
    - Et cetera

    Have fun with this, but please remain focused. Thank you.